Owners often wait too long before seeking the outside help they need

Business Woman 300x187Outside guidance is a key to success

Shifting customer behaviors, brutal competition, rapidly evolving technologies, and in some cases increasing regulatory demands pose ever-increasing pressures on owners who have little time to work on strategic change. At the same time, it’s difficult for owners to make situational assessments without being clouded by some level of bias. So running a company is a tough go when you’re alone – or even when working with a business partner.

Spouses and employees can offer ideas but often campaign their own agendas. Friends and colleagues offer advice but have nothing at stake and often lack needed insight. Accountants and attorneys might the see problems but lack the ability to offer effective fixes. And while free “government sponsored” assistance is available, it typically comes only from a financial perspective instead of diving into process changes that bring about lasting solutions. Owners need a source of outside guidance that is knowledgeable, objective, vested in the results, and affordable.

Our clients and our process

Our clients range from the barely profitable looking to strengthen their footing, to the very profitable looking for added success. Regardless of where they are in that spectrum, we help owners solve problems and achieve goals by giving them a highly-experience and unbiased fresh set of eyes together with a “whatever it takes” willingness to jump in.

We focus on strategies, processes and people, the key elements that drive the success of any business, regardless of type. We start by learning the broader aspects of your business and then quickly drilling down into the details and nuances. We prioritize the problems and then plan and implement a disciplined process that will:

>   Identify the root cause and implement a lasting solution for each problem
>   Introduce and use proven management tools and methods
>   Force accountability to achieve results
>   Measure results, make adjustments, and guard against sliding back to the old ways.

We know that day-to-day business activities can’t stop for a project. And we don’t simply bill hours and leave you with a list of recommendations. We understand that meaningful change takes time to implement and it takes even longer to “institutionalize” change so it sticks. And issues that might, at first glance, appear to be separate often turn out to be interconnected –  adding complexity to the change management process. And along the way, evolving business conditions can add another layer of complexity. These various complexities are broken-down into manageable pieces.

Not your typical consultant

Because it’s important for owners to have a consistent and dedicated source of outside guidance, and because change takes time to implement and to make stick,  Balistreri & Associates has adopted a business model based on an ongoing relationship with our clients. While we accept project specific assignments, our preference is that ongoing relationship, which we earn as we go by providing clients with value on a month-to-month basis, and without a long-term contract. Our modest fee is easily offset by:

>   Reduced owner uncertainty
>   Increased sales, market penetration, and customer satisfaction
>   Improved work flow, cost, and financial performance
>   Better use of available funds
>   Faster goal achievement

Contact Balistreri & Associates if you’re interested in improving your business performance and doing a better job of achieving your goals