About Balistreri & Associates

Balistreri & Associates was launched by Tom Balistreri in 2009 with the goal of providing small business owners with practical and affordable guidance that will allow them to deal more affectively with fast changing and increasingly complex challenges. Our scope was recently expanded to include the business side of privately held medical practices because. That decision was made because privately held medical practices, regardless of whether they are family medicine, specialty medicine, or a surgical practice, essentially mirror the needs of business in general, and because today they face considerable adversity from numerous directions.

While owners can’t control the external forces pushing on them, they can control how they react to those forces. They can also control internal factors that can have a profound effect on the health of their business or medical practice. For that reason, the business improvement solutions we implement are the result of focusing on three key things – strategic planning, people, and processes. We know that a sound strategy combined with employees and the work they perform, is what makes a business tick and it’s what defines the difference between success and failure.  Said another way, executing a sound plan using well-trained and accountable people, is what drives superior financial results and business success.

About Tom Balistreri

My beautiful pictureTom spent the first half of his career involved in design engineering medical devices for Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers, and others. During those years he gained additional experience overseeing Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs and the off-shore transfer of manufacturing.

In 1990, Tom moved into senior management positions where he played key roles in the successful startup of two companies and spearheaded the successful turnaround of several financially distressed businesses. That work involved privately-held companies ranging from single-site $3 million businesses to $90 million businesses with operations spread across the country. Tom also had first-hand involvement in multiple acquisitions and consolidations – both on the buying and selling side.

Tom’s “sleeves-rolled-up” style, while working under financial pressure and in difficult change-management environments, has allowed him to develop a diverse understanding and the ability to effectively size-up problems and drive solutions related to every aspect of business.

About our process

Our preference is to work with clients on a long-term, less-intense basis using a set of both short-term and long-term objectives. We like working that way because we know meaningful change takes time to figure out, execute, and make stick. We also know that intensive projects tend to get in the way of running the business and they often end up being a flash in the pan. We will take on short-term projects as long as they won’t be a significant irritation to the business.

When we engage in long-term work, it’s performed using a monthly flat-fee without tying clients to a long-term contract. In essence, we earn our way month-to-month by delivering value. When we do take on short-term projects, they are quoted on a “not-to-exceed” basis according to the specific scope of the project.